Manuscripts Don’t Burn

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My new CD, Manuscripts Don’t Burn, is coming out on Sono Luminus this spring 2024! It is my most personal CD yet, with premieres written for me in celebration of my my favorite book, the Master and Margarita, my Ukrainian-Jewish heritage, my poetry-music series Music/Words, my home town of Odesa, and my newly published memoir, Weight in the Fingertips, A Musical Odyssey from Soviet Ukraine to the World Stage, Music of Schubert-Liszt and Fanny Mendelssohn is also featured – see the track list, below.


* – signifies world premiere recording

  1. Veronika Krausas (b.1963)
    *Master and Margarita Suite for Speaking Pianist (commissioned by the Wende Museum for Inna Faliks, 2022). Words by Mikhail Bulgakov, translation – Inna Faliks
    Time to Go – a Sarabande
  2. 14th of the Month of Nisan
  3. Night Streets of Moscow – a Polonaise
  4. Yellow Flower Waltz
  5. Fantasia, “Have you stopped loving me?”
  6. Behemoth’s Somersaults into Cognac – a Bagatelle
  7. Listen to the Silence – Epilogue
  8. Franz Schubert (b.1797-d.1828) – Franz Liszt (1811-1886)
    Gretchen am Spinnrade  (Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel) S. 558/8
  9. Maya Miro Johnson (b.2001)
    *Manuscripts Don’t Burn, for speaking pianist (commissioned by the Wende Museum for Inna Faliks, 2022) Words – Mikhail Bulgakov, translation – Inna Faliks
  10. Fanny Hensel-Mendelssohn (b.1805-d.1847)  Notturno in G minor, H337
  11. Schubert-Liszt    Erlkonig (Erlking)   S.558/4
  12. Am Meer (By the Sea) S. 560/4
  13. Fazil Say (b. 1970)  Black Earth
  14. *Mike Garson,(b.1945) “A Psalm for Odesa”, for Inna Faliks
  15. *Ljova Zhurbin, (b. 1978) “Voices”, Suite in Three Movements for piano and historical recordingsSirota (commissioned for Inna Faliks by the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, 2011)
  16. i. Alter(ed) Zhok
    ii. Freydele
    (commissioned by the Lowell Milken Center for Music of American Jewish Experience for Inna Faliks, 2020)
  17. *Clarice Assad (b. 1978)  Godai, the Five Elements, for Speaking Pianist (commissioned by Andreas Waldburg-Wolfegg, for Inna Faliks, 2013), poetry – Steve Schroeder
    – Dry Bones – Wind
  18. Absence – Fire and Water
  19. Earth
  20. Ascension-Sky
  21. *Hero for piano solo (2013)
  1. La Campanella, Paganini - Liszt Inna Faliks 4:53
  2. Rzewski "The People United Shall Never Be Defeated" (excerpt, improvised cadenza) Inna Faliks 8:36
  3. Beethoven Eroica Variations Inna Faliks 9:59
  4. Gershwin: Prelude 3 in E-flat Minor Inna Faliks 1:25
  5. Mozart Piano Concerto #20 - II Inna Faliks with Chamber Orchestra of St. Matthews 10:27
  6. Gaspard de la Nuit (1908) : Scarbo - Ravel Inna Faliks 9:07
  7. Sirota by Lev 'Ljova' Zhurbin Inna Faliks 7:45