Schiele and the 2nd Viennese School

This program connects the life and music of Schoenberg, Berg and Webern with the art of the Fin de Siecle Vienna – specifically Egon Schiele. Tracing connections between the artist’s style and Schoenberg’s Emancipation of the Dissonance and the evolution of his music and the music of his disciples, the performance features such stirring music as Schoenberg’s opus 11, Berg’s opus 1, Webern’s Variations for piano, and Zemlinksy’s Fantasien über Gedichte von Richard Dehmel Op. 9. This music still retains the ability to shock and surprise, retaining its avant garde status after almost 100 years – as do the jagged, erotic and disturbing paintings of Schiele.


  1. Rzewski "The People United Shall Never Be Defeated" (excerpt, improvised cadenza) Inna Faliks 8:36
  2. Mozart Piano Concerto #20 - I Inna Faliks 15:12
  3. Mozart Piano Concerto #20 - II Inna Faliks 10:27
  4. Mozart Piano Concerto #20 - III Inna Faliks 8:26