Atlanta Audio Club Review

by Phil Muse

The Schumann Project, Volume 1

“Faliks meets this challenge admirably, using her own impressive technique and sense of proportion to position them for optimal effect. The result is often very moving, as in No.3, which seems like a demonic waltz, and No.2, a feverish dream. Consider the way the luminous Posthumous Variation No.5 in D-flat major allows the performer to reach the D-flat major finale without noticeable strain. Or the way Posthumous Variation No.4 sounds like a lament, making it the perfect chaser for the preceding variation which comes across as a funeral march. Great stuff – and Faliks knows just where to place the emphasis.”

  1. La Campanella, Paganini - Liszt Inna Faliks 4:53
  2. Rzewski "The People United Shall Never Be Defeated" (excerpt, improvised cadenza) Inna Faliks 8:36
  3. Beethoven Eroica Variations Inna Faliks 9:59
  4. Gershwin: Prelude 3 in E-flat Minor Inna Faliks 1:25
  5. Mozart Piano Concerto #20 - II Inna Faliks with Chamber Orchestra of St. Matthews 10:27
  6. Gaspard de la Nuit (1908) : Scarbo - Ravel Inna Faliks 9:07
  7. Sirota by Lev 'Ljova' Zhurbin Inna Faliks 7:45